our commitment

At General Mills, we are committed to bringing about positive change in the lives of our stakeholders, our employees, our communities and the environment.

Our values define us - and serve as the foundation of our promise to our customers, our investors and to ourselves. We live these values every day through our people, our brands, our innovation and our performance.

Ethics and Integrity
We maintain high ethical standards, both as a company and as individual employees. Times might change, but our values of honesty, integrity and trust have endured.

Social Responsibility
We volunteer, donate money and food, support minority-owned businesses, and create healthy and safe workplaces for our employees.

Protecting our environment
General Mills takes seriously its role as a steward for our businesses, our communities and our world. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and look for ways to conserve resources.


CSR Policy

Whistle Blower Policy(Vigil Mechanism)