We bring passion and creativity to our work.

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Since 1860, helping people enjoy food has been our passion.

We are among the world's larger food companies with trusted brands like Nature Valley, Betty Crocker, Annie's organic snacks, Häagen-Dazs, Cheerios - including Pillsbury’s range of products and many more.

Since 1996, Indian households have been relishing Pillsbury’s deliciously soft rotis. It has gone on to become one of India’s most trusted and favourite brands. Since the beginning of our journey, we have been pleasuring Indian taste buds with our wide range of innovative products.

We are one of the fastest growing consumer foods companies in the country. Our goal is to serve delightful, innovative products to Indians who are seeking newer food experiences. We strive towards our goal by combining our global best practises in technology and food expertise with strong local market manufacturing and go-to-market capabilities.

We believe that a happy work environment leads to happy employees. So we take great pride in our people and have been recognised for the same.

We are a Fortune 100 multinational company, yet we operate with the freedom, energy and agility of a start-up.