Community Service and Volunteering

General Mills has been actively involved in philanthropy and it believes in serving the world.

At General Mills India, being a #ForceForGood is one of our key drivers.
Our philanthropy focuses on:

General Mills Foundation Partners with World Food Program USA to Expand Support of School Meals in India
unified giving strategy

Being a food company, Nutrition is our biggest focus area. We believe in a Unified Giving Strategy – a combination of Sweat, Equity and Intellect for all our programs.


Increasing Food Security

Through strategic initiatives, grants, food donations and knowledge sharing, we work to ensure that all members of the community have access to nutritious and sufficient food.

Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

We invest in programs that strengthen the environment. Initiatives like Tree Plantation drives, Clean-up initiatives, Plant Parenting are only a few of many social responsibility tasks that we undertake to ensure that we invest in the environment.

Strengthening Hometown Communities

strengthening hometown communities

We partner with our employees & NGO's across India to strengthen our hometown communities through volunteerism and grant-making that directly address local community needs.

Beyond our grant-making, General Mills also invests in initiatives, non-profits and causes that help strengthen our people and the planet. Focusing on education as well as livelihood opportunities through internships has been one of the basic foundations of giving back to society.