Programs and Partnerships

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

a responsive CSR program by identifying social impact

General Mills with their partners have been playing an active role to overcome challenges through the following programs:

Nutrition Awareness Program

General Mills implemented a nutrition and hygiene syllabus as a co-curricular/extra-curricular integrated activity along with the delivery of the syllabus of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education (STD 1st to 8th). General Mills volunteers implemented this nutrition and hygiene syllabus as a regular class covering 4 subjects – Languages, Mathematic, Arts and Crafts, and Science. General Mills consulted well-renowned nutritionist Dr. Ratnaraje K. Thar (PhD, MSc. MPhil Foods Nutrition and Dietetics) for creating the Nutrition curriculum.

Mini meals for students at Udaan Learning Center

GM India partners with Udaan India Foundation, a local NGO, to support 1,12,500 mini meals for 450 kids at Udaan Learning Centre every year. The objective of this program is to provide nutritious meals that alleviate the nutrient deficiencies and keep the child in the school until he/she has completed secondary school education. All GM Employees actively volunteer at the Learning Centre imparting knowledge to students including Nutrition Awareness.

COVID – 19 Response

General Mills India stands committed in its initiative to support families impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak in the form of monetary and food donations. Ready-to-eat products from our Pillsbury and Nature Valley portfolios are being provided to vulnerable families adversely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak worth INR 25,00,000/-. Additional monetary support is extended to provide food supplies and long term support to the impacted families.

FY 19-20 
Approved Projects CSR Spend (in INR)
Beach Cleanup Activities 157500
Education Support 566250
Udaan Mini Meals 400000
Nutrition Awareness Program 984034
PFNDAI Sponsorship 200000
School Clean up 119000
Tree Plantation Drive 373000
Women Empowerment 551500
Udaan Learning Centre and School Support Program 1100000
FY 20-21 
Approved Projects CSR Spend (in INR)
Covid - 19 Response - RTE Donation 2470888
Covid - 19 Response - PPE Donation 2323750